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Jack W. “Buddy” Slaid, Attorney at Law

During my legal education, a sage old attorney told me that I should strive to be a COUNSELOR first, and a LITIGATOR second. The legal process is foreign to most people and creates a certain level of anxiety, depending upon the issues of the client. I spent the first years of my adult life working in the oil fields of north Louisiana (roughneck and roustabout) as well as three years as a patrol deputy in Ouachita Parish. I went to college and law school while married with four children. What this interesting journey gives me, I believe, is the ability to relate to the working people that come to see me. Because I have “walked in your shoes” and now have worked in the courts and legal system in all types of cases for twenty years, I feel I bring a unique perspective to my clients. Please allow me to “counsel” you in whatever legal issue you may have. I consider it a privilege to represent my clients. Give us a call at 318-382-HELP (4357) email me at

In 1977, I joined the patrol division of the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department. During my time there, I spent a great deal of time in court. My experience in court inspired me to eventually go to school and practice law. However, I had a family to raise. I went back to the oil field to make enough money to do that. Most everyone understands the challenge of raising children. Still, I wanted to do more, so, while working on the rigs of the oil field during the 80’s, I started night school. For three years, I wore a hard hat during the day and sat in a classroom at night. I was on a mission. Five years later, I received my law degree and began to practice law. I was not disappointed. Given my unique background, it has been rewarding to help people of all walks of life on their journey through the legal system. I love the courtroom and I love nurturing my clients as they address their various legal issues.

I am a 1994 graduate of LSU (Cum Laude) and a 1997 graduate of the Paul Hebert School of Law at LSU. I am a native of Haynesville, Louisiana, now residing in Webster Parish (Lake Bistineau) and practicing in the North Louisiana area. I am the proud father of four children and the grandfather of two.

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